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Commissioned by Resource Efficient Scotland, we provided our expertise and funding for the building of a showcase house (new housing model for RSLs) co-operating with our affiliate Tigh Grian Ltd, Dunfermline. 

View from balcony REH at BRE Ravenscraig

We are also the major partners in two other showcase houses for :



by JR Partners at the BRE Innovation Park, Watford, opened since September 11,  2015.

Development and testing at CSEM, Neuchatel, production at NexPower, TaichungTerra cotta BIPV roof at BRE Watford
     From University 
     to Industry

One of these show-houses showcases revolutionary BIPV developed by  CSEM, Neuchatel, via ÜserHuus AG, Hergiswil NW, Switzerland. Our partners in this project are: NexPower Corp, Taichung, Taiwan, and EDM Spanwall, Northern Ireland. The performance of the BIPV roof is being monitored by BRE

Together with ÜserHuus, we have also different refurbishment 
(architecturally integrated PV) projects in different parts of Switzerland, among others ÜserHuus' own premises in Hergiswil, together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts HSLU and at BRE, Watford.

ÜserHuus' premises in Switzerland with terra cotta BIPV carport roof

Dr. Stephen Wittkopf and Robert  Cowie at ÜserHuus' premises for testing BIPV colours
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